Sigmund Fried "Psychobabble" 2016

Finally released online May 5th, 2016, Scott Stratton of Sigmund Fried and John Prpich of RADD Sound in L.A. have brought this 12-song album to life. A large rostrum of guest appearances ensure the delivery of the artist's usual stylistic diversity, but heavy rock prevails. Many of these tunes date back to the early 2000s and have scarcely been heard since. New lyrical content and excellent production benefit songs both old and new. Stratton considers this album his life's work.

Split EP 2012

This effort is the result of a trying, four-year process of recording what was to be a full length album. Sessions at Clear Lake Audio in North Hollywood, CA were done piecemeal every few weeks or months free of charge with the blessing of owner/founder Brian Levi (R.I.P.). Yet unreleased outakes show that the album would have been just as schizophrenic as ever but with a decidedly mellower bent. Fate had other plans and it became the more concise collaborative release you see here featuring two bands that share many of the same members. Is it Radio Mars? Sigmund Fried? Shows were billed as "Radio/Fried". Confusing to be sure. 


Several collaborators and cameo appearances  spice up this five song collection. No two shows ever featured the same lineup as the various musicians circled in and out of a rotating collective. The same holds true for "Psychobabble", the upcoming Sigmund Fried release due in the Spring of 2016.

Sigmund Fried

Rock-u-mentary 2009

Going back a ways, this quaint profile delves into Scott Stratton's back story and the beginnings of Sigmund Fried. Various interviews intercut this early semi-acoustic performance at LASERIUM which is peppered with multiple guest appearances. Bonus videos feature the artist's former bands Mime Choir and Cement Head. Both light-hearted and enlightening.