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What did you say?

Happy Spring Solstice! . . .

And now, by special request: Sigmund Fried lyrics!

I'll be posting the complete lyrical content of Sigmund Fried's new album "Psychobabble".

Songs will appear in sequence. Here's the first of eleven.

1. Black Reign (Stratton)

Stepping out of line, singing out of time

Big Brother reading my mind

Tangled up in blue, I am aren't you

Wondering just what they'll do

Chem trails overhead, staying in bed

Maybe we're better off dead

Gut starts to churn, we'll never learn

Baby, we're just gonna burn

Black Reign on the rise

Black Reign in the skies

Sit and watch the tube, tell you what to do

Not knowing who's screwing who

Get what you need, just feed your greed

Living as if you were free

Kissing the child, and then he smiled

Evil distractions run wild

Babylon's own whore at nuclear war

No need to fake anymore.

Black Reign in his eyes

Black Reign in disguise

Misguided old fools, following the rules

Using you just like a tool

Playing both sides, the crimson tide

No reaching across the divide

Wave upon wave, falling like blades

Spiritual penny arcade

Damnation reigns, all that remains

Laughter that sounds so insane

Black Reign in the skies

Black Reign on the rise

Black Reign in the night

Black Reign

They're taking over, just hand it over

They're taking over, just hand it over

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